Sion Church from the front

Sion Presbyterian Church, PCUSA

Be Thou My Vision, Oh Lord of My Heart

What We Believe

Sion Presbyterian Church exists to create an atmosphere in which God's presence is felt through the church and community.

Our purpose is to honor and glorify God in every activity of our church life, as we seek to carry out the Great Commission.

We believe that it is important to grow, not only in membership, but also spiritually, through the study of God's word.

We profess that God's people are called to conduct themselves in such a manner as to demonstrate our belief that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Love, Faith, and Service

God is at work in our world! Just as He has done since Old Testament days, He is in the business of redeeming all people to Himself.

Because we are saved by Jesus, our hearts are filled with love for Him and the desire to do His work in the world. We believe that we have been called individually and as a church to serve God in our community and in the world.

Jesus uses our lives and hands to draw people near to Him so they may be reconciled to Him. Please visit our Get Involved page to find a mission area that could benefit from your talents.